How to really lower the package of your Internet box?

How to really lower the package of your Internet box?

It is a charge that can quickly cost several tens of euros, several hundred euros reduced to the year. The Internet package – the famous “box” – has become a classic monthly expense, in the same way as electricity, water or home insurance. But it can quickly strain a budget as the offers differ and the prices vary. Le Parisien reveals the ways to really lower your bill.

Before starting, we must distinguish two types of Internet offers: those whose price is fixed and reduced during the first year (to convince you to subscribe) before increasing; and those whose price does not change (except in exceptional circumstances, with increases of a few euros, as we have seen with certain suppliers).

The importance of comparing offers

It is therefore essential to compare the offers, either by going directly to the sites of the suppliers (Free, SFR, Orange, Bouygues and their low-cost RedBySFR, Sosh and B&You, among the most popular). The offer will vary very little depending on the operator if you make traditional use of your Internet subscription. There are online comparators, including that of UFC-What to choose where we find the main offers and which allows you to find the cheapest offer at a given time by filtering according to your needs (if you want Fiber or ADSL, television, or the eligibility zone, etc. .).

Also watch for temporary offers which can sometimes be a great opportunity. Some providers may, for a certain period, offer a cheaper subscription than normal. You can also look on the side of private sales sites on which you can sometimes find offers. Latest example to date: a Freebox subscription with Canal + at 14.99 euros per month for one year on Veepee, against 39.99 euros in normal times with the operator.

Play the competition

If an offer limited to twelve months is cheaper than elsewhere, do not hesitate to subscribe to it: nothing prevents you from changing the offer at the end of the period. In any case, this is what you can tell the operator to which you have subscribed, as the end of the commitment period approaches, who could then offer to extend the “discovery” offer to twelve months. additional. Note that in most cases, the new operator can cover the termination costs of your previous subscription.

“The simple fact of evoking the desire to terminate his offer rather than asking for a discount can make it easier to obtain something”, explained the employee of an operator about negotiating your mobile planbelieving that it was the same for Internet offers.

Another technique to lighten the bill consists in refusing the various options, in particular the TV option which generally takes the form of the rental or the purchase of a TV box (40 euros when purchased from Orange, 3 euros per month at RedBySFR). Instead, buy a TV box – which you will own – that you can connect to your television in the same way, regardless of the provider.

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