“How to remain a government party for LR”

By “toping” with Élisabeth Borne, Éric Ciotti remembered that the greatest danger for Les Républicains was to give up their government party culture. Blondet Eliot/Blondet Eliot/ABACA

COUNTERPOINT – The Republicans have been able to resist the deadly spiral in which the PS seems locked.

Looking at each other, Republicans can sometimes be sorry. By comparing themselves, in this case to the Socialist Party, they can only console themselves. If the duel enters Eric Ciotti and Bruno Retailleau was tight and if the initial presentation of the organization chart caused some tension, LR was able to resist the deadly spiral in which the PS seems locked up. But the difference is not only a matter of votes or personal quarrels. A difference in nature now opposes the two parties which took turns in power until the election of Emmanuel Macron.

One, on the left, has given up being a government party; the other, on the right, strives to be so still. Pension reform provides a good illustration. Nobody expected the PS to applaud retirement at 64, but Olivier Faure and so many other socialists were deputies of a majority which, not without a certain courage, voted the famous “Touraine”, which provides for the extension to 43 years of the duration of…

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