Hugging Face, the alternative to ChatGPT created by three French people

By Chloe Woitier



More than 10,000 companies are scrambling to use Hugging Face’s library of open-source AI tools to then design their own services. maciek905 –

DECRYPTION – Valued at 2 billion dollars, this open source platform takes the opposite view of the closed model of ChatGPT.

By putting online ChatGPT last November, the American company OpenAI caused a small earthquake. This tool, capable of conversing with the Internet user and generating any type of text on demand, has made the general public aware of the galloping advances in artificial intelligence. But how does ChatGPT really work? With what data did this AI learn to speak and write? Were values ​​instilled in it, and if so, which ones? Faced with these questions, the scientific community comes up against a wall: OpenAI, funded to the tune of 10 billion dollars by Microsoft, refuses to open its hood. ChatGPT is a black box.

The privatization of advances in artificial intelligence, this is a risk that Hugging Face wants to fight. This company, founded by three French people and valued at $2 billion, is unknown to the general public, but essential in the AI ​​community. More than 10,000 companies, including Pfizer, Renault or Roche…

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