Hugo Lloris, before France-Australia: “We continue to believe in our chances”

How great this first game against Australia (Tuesday, 8 p.m.) is important ?
The first game is always of great importance to start the competition. By being title holder, there will be even more expectation. The team has worked well in recent days despite the circumstances, the injuries, we have been able to move forward together. We can’t wait to get started […] It’s different from 2018 because the workforce has changed. But we can expect the same style of match but we don’t want to experience the same feeling even if there was a victory (2-1). In performance, it was insufficient. We want to start with good content and performance.

Do you feel the France team as strong as in 2018?
When we start 2018, there was a part of the unknown. We can have all the convictions we want, there is a part of the unknown. It’s up to us to seek success by taking the matches, one after the other.

Do you think that everything that happens around the band can take a little pressure off you?
We continue to believe in our chances, in our group, in our adventure. We have to use it to continue to grow as a team, to remember. Last minute packages didn’t help, let alone that of Karim Benzema in the last 24 hours. But I want to believe that the team continues to move forward. We always have more pressure being defending champions. But inside the group, we have a specific mission: to give ourselves every chance of finishing first. Then, a new competition begins.

“Since the start of the rally, there has been a positive energy within the team”

How did you cash in on Karim Benzema’s package?
We know the importance of Karim, what he can represent for French football and the young players of our team. Despite the disappointment, we had to continue and prepare. Despite the youth of the squad, they are mature players who have dreamed of being part of this World Cup. There is a backbone of experienced players and we will have to guide them.

Several young people will discover the competition. As captain, what are you going to tell them?
Some are more experienced than others. There are quite a few young people but we can rely on a framework. If young people are there, it’s because they deserve to be here. Since the start of the rally, there has been a positive energy within the team.

How do you feel Kylian Mbappe?
I think he just confirmed all the hopes placed in him. It is difficult to define limits as its potential is incredible. I feel concerned, focused and relaxed. »

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