Huscenot father and son, the (finally) winning duo

Huscenot father and son, the (finally) winning duo

Peniche, Tuesday morning, 8:45 a.m. The sky is azure and the swell sends big. However, the Supertubos tubes are closing one after the other. Only one surfer from the pro circuit has ventured into this cool fight: Maxime Huscenot. His father is on the beach, sitting on a small plastic chair. Black cap and sunglasses, he films the slightest attempts of the son (30 years old) to rush into the inhospitable rollers of the famous spot. It’s been twenty years that Jean-Luc Huscenot is behind the camera, and now seven that the pair is inseparable.

In 2015, when Maxime Huscenot found himself at the bottom of the wave – his sponsor Quiksilver having stopped the collaboration – his father sold his fire safety and video surveillance company to be at his side. “ Maxime asked me to come and work with him, to progress on his board, explains the father. These are sacrifices that we have made for these years with my wife, but it is a real pleasure. With Maxime, we are like a couple, it suits me very well. I have the easiest place, and my office is here, on the beach. The son is fully grateful: “ I could never thank my parents enough for all they do. »

His nickname is “Macabi”

The father-son pair is as close as it is complementary, but that doesn’t prevent him from sometimes disagreeing. “ His surfer’s opinion has priority because he is the one who is in the water and who feels it. But he always tells me: “you are my eyes on the beach”. Me, from my position, I actually have a step back that he does not have. I see things he can’t see. He is very attentive, he is not stubborn. But I have to know how to argue, and prove that what I’m saying holds up. »

Jean-Luc Huscenot on Supertubos beach in Peniche.  (D. Michel/The Team)

Jean-Luc Huscenot on Supertubos beach in Peniche. (D. Michel/The Team)

Thanks to all these video archives, the Huscenot family is progressing on the technique and the good placements in the line up. “ And from the beach, he is able to judge my form, adds Maxime. He sees right away if I feel good physically, if I lack flexibility, tone, rest. It’s wonderful to experience all this with my father. While dad records every wave, son never releases the grip. His nickname is “Macabi”, which means “little fish” in Creole, for his propensity not to come out of the water when he surfs. Sessions, like this Tuesday morning, last for hours.

The passion, the flame, it’s always been there »

This beautiful family history finds its genesis in Reunion, where the Huscenots lived for a long time. The surfing virus, Maxime Huscenot caught it at the age of nine. “ With my wife, we did a lot of scuba divingsays Jean-Luc Huscenot. During this time, Maxime and his sister Laura were surfing, they had been registered in a multi-activities aquatic club. ” Spotted by the essential Christophe Mulquin, the young Huscenot immediately shone during his first competition and took the direction of the Pôle Espoirs.

The rest, we know, with this title of world junior champion in 2009 at 17 years old. But the rocket programmed to qualify on the pro circuit experienced serious ignition delays. For twelve years, Maxime Huscenot fought tirelessly in the QS jungle (Qualifying Series, Second Division), with highs – victory at Lacanau Pro in 2015, wildcards at Pro France – but also a lot of disappointment. However, the Huscenot family did not give up and remained united. “ The question of stopping arose at a time, but only because of a financial balance that was difficult to find. As soon as this specter approached, it moved away the next day, assures Jean-Luc Huscenot. The passion, the flame, it’s always been there. »

For ten years, the duo has created a cocoon in Portugal, where the water is warmer than in France. He has his habits in Guincho and Ericeira. The “little fish” confirms: “ It’s a country in which I feel really good and which has welcomed me. On the Supertubes spot, a powerful beach break par excellence, Huscenot hopes to perform well after two disappointing results in Hawaii. “ I don’t know if I’ll have an advantage, but if there are tubes I’ll be able to do well. I know the wave well and I feel good in these kinds of conditions. »

The Olympics in Teahupoo, his dream

He who was inspired by Dane Reynolds for his technique, Taj Burrow for his backside surfing and Andy Irons for his commitment, savor every moment in the big leagues : “ It is happinesshe said. Everything happened very quickly between my qualification and the first event at Pipe. But on the circuit everyone recognizes me, congratulates me and tells me that I deserve to be there. It’s very rewarding after all these years. »

2023 is finally his year and he intends not to waste this opportunity. Highly anticipated, he has two big goals in sight: to pass the mid-season cut and qualify for the Paris Olympics. “ Surfing Teahupoo’s left at the Olympics is his dream “, assures his father. If he is not the only one on the track in the tricolor clan, he leaves with a small lead by being on the pro circuit. To win the Grail, if the CT is the shortest way, it is not a formality for all that. They are a priori four (Fioravanti, Munoz, Wanda and Huscenot therefore) for a place. A new challenge which does not scare the Frenchman, he has seen others.

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