“I am convinced that reconnecting with nature is the key to the survival of humanity”

The actress is in the cast of the series Abyssa new international co-production by France 2, the sequel to which will be broadcast on Monday 12 June.

In the eco-fantasy thriller Abyssof which France 2 will broadcast the third and fourth episodes on Monday June 12, Cécile de France embodies doctor Cécile Roche, researcher and head of the internal medicine department of the hospital of st Jean de Luz, confronted with the sudden appearance of a virus likely linked to seafood consumption, deadly and unknown.

You usually work more in film than in television, what attracted you to Abyss?

The depths of the oceans. They are said to be even more mysterious than the universe. I love that. I feed on documentaries, on the fauna, on the flora, on the new species that we discover there every moment. The idea of ​​installing an ecological and fantastic thriller there immediately appealed to me. I also really liked the intelligence of this series which questions the individual about his humility, his ancestral fears, of the unknown in particular, his relationship to nature and his ability to marvel at it again and again. . I am convinced that reconnecting with nature is the key to the survival of humanity.

Your role is that of a scientist…

Another thing that brought me to this project. Scientists are modern-day heroes, but they are also and above all human beings who, like many of us, feel guilty for the environmental crisis we are going through. All the more guilty that they do not have the power to save the planet. Their only power is to seek and propose solutions. It is up to others to apply them, or not. This woman that I embody is one of those people who are both powerful and powerless. She is also torn between her pion for her profession, her vocation to care for and her family, which she is forced to abandon. His life presents him with a terrible dilemma.

Abyssis a drama, ecology and science fiction series. The recourse to SF did not frighten you?

Quite the contrary. I love that. My little girl’s imagination is populated by high castles, dark forests and strange creatures. As a teenager, I never missed any fantastic films. And yet it is the first time that I have taken part in a work whose postulate is based on the strange character of a world of which we ultimately know nothing, except its unpredictable and natural violence, and of which we gradually discover its degree of interaction with those who damage it. All without the need for spaceships and aliens. Of course, I really liked the film by James Cameron, the greenest of Hollywood filmmakers. I found in this series, which was also shot in the midst of a pandemic, many of the issues of his films.

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