“I am never contemptuous”: Emmanuel Macron “challenges” any contempt on his part

Contemptuous, Emmanuel Macron? No, he ured this Monday evening, interviewed by Gilles Bouleau on TF1. The French president, who was responding to the criticisms made against him, especially during the protest against the pension reformthus “challenged” this adjective especially taken up, according to him, by “the extremes”.

“I reject (this term) because we do not go into contact as I have done since I have been involved in political life, when we have contempt for people, ured Emmanuel Macron. And I’ll tell you when we have contempt, we don’t care. “Real contempt is lying to people. (…) I have always told the French men and women the truth, what I believed and with sincerity carry these commitments, ”ured Emmanuel Macron facing Gilles Bouleau.

“It’s an adjective What did the extremes do to me, which was taken over. Me, I have never seen someone who tells me you are contemptuous, ured Emmanuel Macron. Sometimes I am told you are too hard, you are too determined, too energetic. Sometimes, others explain to you that we don’t go far enough. »

“Do you think it’s good for my apple to do what we do on pensions, to carry difficult texts, to undergo and to accept the unpopularity that goes with it, also noted Emmanuel Macron. I always went to the contact by discussing lengthily and thus I am sometimes hard with the evil yes. “And the French president to support:” Contemptuous, I reject it. »

“Someone who despises does not go ahead of the crowd, Emmanuel Macron had already defended himself to the readers of Le Parisien half April. There are small sentences that I totally ume. When I answer a young horticulturist, with whom I speak for ten minutes and tell me that he is ready to look for a job in the restaurant business, that we cross the street to find it, it’s true. »

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