“I am no longer his friend”: Muriel Robin definitely cuts ties with Pierre Palmade

This time, Muriel Robin says stop. In an interview with our colleagues from RTLthe actress claims that she has decided to end her friendly relationship with Pierre Palmade, following his car accident on February 10. Under the influence of , the comedian seriously injured three people, including a pregnant woman who lost her child.

Last March, Muriel Robin had already spoken about the accident, but above all had words for the victims. “We all know the story. I think of the victims. And I hope justice will do the right thing for them… I can’t even say the sentence soften anything, nothing they’re going through can be softened. I think of the victims, ”she said in a Parisian theater before receiving an award.

“I have seen and heard things that are not in his favor”

This time, the actress spoke frankly about her relationship with her now ex-friend. “Regarding Pierre Palmade, all I have to say is: one, I know and two, I have seen and heard things that are not in his favor. This is why I am never expressed and why I will not express myself. But I could say that I am no longer her friend, ”she confided to the microphone of our colleagues.

The two comedians collaborated for more than thirty years, and wrote many sketches and shows together. Does Muriel Robin see the end of their friendship as a bereavement? “Yes, but I said that I was no longer her friend, ”she replies to the microphone of RTL.

“I don’t know if it was mine,” she explains. “Since always, during the 35 years, each time I asked myself the question, I did not have so many answers. But I know I was her friend, that I know and I proved it. And I proved it until the day of the accident”. If some still doubted the nature of the current relationship between Muriel Robin and Pierre Palmade, the actress could not be clearer.

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