“I am proof that you can save without earning a lot of money”

I went in a few months from a pseudo-savings centered on the only savings account A to an investment strategy based on diversification», Yannis explains. Adobe Stock; personal photos; Aymeline Chemin/ Le Figaro

CICADA AND ANTS – At a time when inflation is raging, saving is more than ever a challenge, which some take up better than others. And it’s not just a question of budget. This young entrepreneur in communication delivers the details of an investment strategy that pays him big.

A rutile silver ring on his index finger. Yannis calls her her “investment ring” : a magnificent Escape signed Hermes bought 360 euros last year. “I learned by following a luxury specialist on YouTube that Hermès was going to increase its price by 15% in January 2023. It was an opportunity not to be missed to invest in this ring which I can resell today more of 400 euros. From the plate to the shopping bag, Hermès is a value that does not diminish”, ures the young entrepreneur in the communication sector. Such is the life of Yannis: almost everything is acquired with the prospect of making a financial profit later. With a well-oiled strategy and a certain concern for diversification : real estate, shares, euro funds… but also more astonishing objects, likely, according to him, to bring in big profits.

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