“I am still able to skate”: Christmas before time with Philippe Candeloro at the Troyes ice rink

For a successful show, nothing should be left to chance. Philippe Candeloro, the former bronze medalist at the Lillehammer and Nagano Olympic Games, knows this better than anyone. This Thursday, October 12, with his technical manager, who takes care of the lighting, he came to scout at the Troyes ice rink (Aube). It is here that the Candeloro show Company troupe will offer his show “The Sandman on Ice” the first weekend in December.

“We are looking at what we can hang from the ceiling, how we are going to configure the room… We are going to optimize with 300 more seats than the stands present today (250 chairs). We’re really going to be in a somewhat confined space, theater style. The hockey windows are going to blow. We have a huge backdrop. It’s important to immerse spectators in a stage space that puts them completely in the story. At 360 degrees, we wouldn’t be in the same concept at all! »

“A real stylish show Holiday on ice »

To Philippe Candeloro the overall vision, to his wife Olivia the management of the troupe of 25 artists, including the dancer Maya, his youngest daughter. “Me, I’m more on the commercial aspect, production, logistics,” explains the figure skater. And also on the feeling, the feeling, what will work to perpetuate the Candeloro DNA…”. Philippe Candeloro knows the city of Troyes well having frequented the old ice rink at the Parc des Expos in the past. “Plus, we could buy cheap clothes!” », recalls the artist, amused, remembering factory outlets, one of the city’s specialties.

After attempting a career as a producer at the end of his sporting career, an adventure which financially jeopardized his family, the multiple French champion focused on television, but also on the Candeloro Show Company. “It’s a training school for the world of entertainment, without having the label at the moment. The young people are presented through a real show, style Holiday on Ice, with a beautiful light structure and sound system, so that people are immersed in a truly magical universe. »

Recently operated on both hips

The performance of the show on December 1st and 2nd at the 3 Seine ice rink is a rather rare opportunity for the Trojan public because Philippe Candeloro’s troupe usually only plays for works councils or town halls, over an often short period. , during the end-of-year holidays. “We are going to offer The Sand Merchant on Ice. We created this show to tell the story of the phases of sleep,” explains the artist. From nightmare to dream, a bit like Disney, “so that people can say, I’m going to sleep on Christmas Eve, and when I wake up, everything is going to be wonderful. »

” It’s a little The dreams before the day begin ! It was Nelson Monfort who told me to say that because he speaks English well! », laughs the skating consultant from France Télévision. Everyone can recognize themselves in the show primarily intended for children. “People over 50 have even told me that they shed a little tear. » Santa Claus will be there… Philippe Candeloro too. “I’m the icing on the cake… or rather the Yule log!” » Having recently undergone surgery on both hips, the 52-year-old showman can no longer perform long shows as before. “But I’m still able to skate. What we are going to offer the public is a Candel number at the end of the show. I don’t want to damage the representation of Sand seller, because it is a tale on ice. I don’t want to disrupt the rhythm of the show, but I will offer something to my audience, because I know they always want to see somersaults on ice,” smiles the artist.

“The Sand on Ice Merchant” at the 3 Seine ice rink in Troyes (Aube). Performance for schools Friday December 1 and two performances for all audiences on Saturday December 2, at 3 p.m. and 6 p.m. Information about candeloroandco.fr. Prices and reservations on maisonduboulanger.com.

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