“I couldn’t do it”: Ali Leonardi, 24, entrusted his baby to the State

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Summary. From an early age, Ali Leonardi’s parents told her that there is no greater accomplishment in a woman’s life than being a mother. But when this young Strasbourg woman gives birth to a little Nina, in 2019, following an unwanted pregnancy, she finds in pain that motherhood makes her suffer.

A single mother at the age of 20, she tries to raise this child as well as possible, with whom she cannot manage to forge links, despite all her efforts. She regrets having been influenced by those around her who dissuaded her from having an abortion when she had the opportunity. Convinced that she will not be able to be a fulfilling and loving mother, she decides in 2022 to give up her parental rights.

Ali Leonardi recently recounted this long process in a book, “Bad mother” (Fayard), released in May. She testifies in Code source at the microphone of Emma Jacob.

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