I did not hit him on purpose – Spokesperson

The defendant, who caused the death of his ex-wife in a traffic accident that occurred in Eskişehir, argued that the incident was an accident at the first hearing of the case. Güneş said, “I did not hit my wife intentionally.”


Defendant who caused the death of his ex-wife: I did not hit him intentionally

İdris Güneş and Beyhan Gökçe divorced after 13 years of marriage, but they continued to live in the same house for their children. Allegedly, Beyhan Gökçe saw that İdris Güneş was communicating with other women on his mobile phone and asked him to leave the house.

After a second separation, İdris Güneş returned home to make peace. However, an argument broke out due to the messages he received from other women on his phone.

According to allegations, approximately 3 minutes after İdris Güneş left the house with his car with plate number 10 DBA 53, Beyhan Gökçe left the house with his motorcycle with plate number 26 ADP 570. İdris Güneş followed Beyhan Gökçe and deliberately drove his car into her on Ali Çetinkaya Street, causing an accident. Beyhan Gökçe was taken to Eskişehir Osmangazi University Faculty of Medicine Hospital, but she died a day later. İdris Güneş was detained and arrested on the charge of ‘premeditated murder of his ex-wife’.

Eskişehir Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office prepared an indictment against İdris Güneş, demanding aggravated life imprisonment for the crime of ‘premeditated murder of a close relative’. The indictment was accepted and a lawsuit was filed in Eskişehir 1st High Criminal Court.


At the first hearing of the case, the detained defendant İdris Güneş was connected to the court from prison via SEGBİS method. İdris Güneş, who made his first defense before the judge, said, “Gökçe is my legally married wife. We were married to him for 12 years. We broke up 8-9 months before this incident. We divorced when my wife caught me talking to another woman on my phone. After a while, at his request, we started living in the same house without being married. On the day of the incident, I went home to talk. While he was at home, he intercepted a message from another woman. He asked me what happened. Then there was a fight between us; He said, “You will not go to work, you will go to your wife.” “So I took the car keys and went down to the garage,” he said.


Explaining that he set out after taking his friend Vedat to the car to go to work at the factory, the defendant Güneş said:

* “I went to pick up my friend Vedat. I started waiting for Vedat at the beginning of the street where Vedat’s house is located. Meanwhile, I called my wife because I was curious. He said to me, ‘God damn it, I will throw myself into Porsuk, I will put you in trouble, I will burn all of you, I will write your family and you as responsible.’

* While I was talking to my wife, Beyhan Gökçe, I could hear the sound of an engine. I realized it was in the engine, but he didn’t tell me where. I didn’t ask either. While he was talking to Beyhan, Vedat got into the car. While I was making a U-turn to go to work, I lost control of the steering wheel because I was talking on the phone at the same time. I didn’t see the motorcycle coming.

* Before the crash, Vedat said to me, ‘Idris, be careful.’ I hit the brakes and stopped. The engine hit me. When I landed, I realized it was my wife. I called 112 and took him to the hospital.

* I did not hit my wife intentionally. While talking to my wife, I was trying to persuade her not to harm herself. That’s why I lost control of the steering wheel. Also, I was sleepless and tired because I was working in construction. “I loved my wife.”

The court board decided to conduct an investigation on the street where the incident took place and postponed the hearing. (DHA)

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