“I did not see myself speaking up to follow a movement” explains Karchaoui

“I did not see myself speaking up to follow a movement” explains Karchaoui

Sakina Karchaoui. Federico Pestellini / PANORAMIC

The left side of the Bleues returned to the crisis within the French women’s team.

The left side and frame of the BlueSakina Karchaoui, who has remained silent since the start of the crisis affecting theFrench women’s teamtold AFP on Thursday that he preferred to speak “internally“, unlike other Blues who have withdrawn.

Publicly let go by several major players of the Bleues, coach Corinne Deacon was dismissed last Thursday by the French Football Federation, wishing to restore order four months before the World Cup.

“Ie respect the decisions of certain»

Not speaking in public does not mean that we don’t speak internally: we have exchanges, we talk, everyone gives their opinion. We would have liked things to be done differently but I respect the choice of the federation and the choice of players“, explained Sakina Karchaoui, the international of Paris Saint-Germain, in an interview granted Thursday to AFP.

Last month, three emblematic members of the workforce announced their withdrawal: the captain, Wendie Renard (142 selections) affirmed that she could notno longer condone the current system“Too far, according to her, from the high level. Marie-Antoinette Katoto and Kadidiatou Diani, stars of Les Bleues and Paris SG, had engaged and tackled the “lack of professionalism” of the tricolor frame, without directly naming the coach.

Today, as I said, I respect the decisions of some. They took the floor because they were obliged to show their unhappiness. Maybe if I had been in their shoes, I would have done the same. In any case, today everything was rolling on my side, so I did not see myself taking the floor to simply follow a movementSakina Karchaoui, 27, said.

stay in place»

If we can settle things internally before exposing them to the general public knowing that there are younger generations watching us… We must send a strong signal about good behavior“, According to the framework of the Blue (54 selections), also remained silent after the aggression of her teammate Kheira Hamraoui, who had shaken the PSG locker room. His partner Aminata Diallo, present the evening of the attack, suspected of having ordered it, was indicted in September.

During her career, Sakina Karchaoui has “already had problems internally with coaches, with players“, she claimed before adding: “I took my courage, I went to see these people, I set things straight“. “Anything to do with controversy is not something I like“, she commented, “it’s true that the story that happened last year at PSG is the same thing: I think you have to stay in your place when you don’t have all the ins and outs of the history“.

For the future and in particular the appointment of the new coach, Karchaoui assured “trust the federation“:”I think they are in the best position to take the best steps so that we go solid at the World Cup“. “If this movement is beneficial for the France team, I take if we are efficient and if we are going to win the World Cup“, she advanced.

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