“I don’t know if Chelsea knew who Paris FC was,” laughs the Parisian coach

Sandrine Soubeyrand, but also Clara Matéo, reacted to Paris FC’s defeat against Chelsea (4-1) on Thursday for the 2nd day of the Women’s Champions League.

Sandrine Soubeyrand, coach of Paris FC (after the 4-1 defeat against Chelsea in the Champions League): “Dear paid, I don’t know. The objective was to play, not to wait, to be able to offer some play. In return, we conceded a few chances. At 1-1 we had the opportunity to score, the difference was made in offensive efficiency. We’re playing against one of the best teams in Europe and we’re able to produce some play, so it’s encouraging. What I like about my team is the state of mind, what they exude. These matches allow you to learn about managing emotions. We have to be positive: we are small compared to Chelsea. I don’t know if Chelsea knew who Paris FC was. If they can put us on the map now, we might have won something. (on Samantha Kerr’s hat-trick) There was no particular plan against her, even though she is a fantastic player, it was all about defending against Chelsea. I think she had four shots and scored three goals.»

Clara Matéo, Paris FC striker: “The score is quite severe. In the first half, we competed in different phases of play. We are still a young team that continues to learn. We can be proud of what we did this evening, we will look back at it to correct our mistakes and learn from them before the important matches that are coming up.»

Comments collected at a press conference.

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