“I don’t know if we realize what we are doing”, wonders Sotoca

Florian Sotoca, Lens striker, after the 2-1 victory against Reims on Friday during the 35th day of Ligue 1:

(The Reims goal) It hurt our heads, but we immediately refocused on ourselves, we had to be solid above all and that’s what we managed to do. It’s magic, the power of Bollaert, of the collective, of the state of mind, the collective strength… everything goes. We want to take advantage of this weekend of rest because we ran a lot, Reims came to hurt us and they did it. (Emotions after Seko Fofana’s goal) You listen to the public, the crowd, you see Seko (…), the guys running around, it’s pretty crazy. I don’t really know if we realize what we’re doing, because it’s an exceptional season, nobody was expecting us here. After the Monaco, Toulouse and Marseille matches, it was difficult to bounce back and we did it again tonight, it proves that we are a great team, that we are maturing, that we are growing.»

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