“I even almost gave up the song”

Hoshi in the We Are private club, Paris 8ᵉ, July 12, 2023.

Her name is Mathilde, she is 26, loves the sea ” when it’s cold ” and play Fifa. She dislikes sunlight and doorknobs – ” I do not know why. I always let people open doors for me. » Mathilde composes songs when the city sleeps: “At night, itis my favorite place. » Silence, freedom, no one to disturb her. Around 11 a.m., Mathilde, surname Gerner, stage name Hoshi (“star” in Japanese), gets up, ties her long jet-black hair into a Japanese bun, paints her eyes with black eyeliner and tints her bright red lips. “Without makeup, I really look like a child”says the one who is often called “sir”, on the phone.

This very particular voice, rocky, with suburban accents and pronounced “r”, we immediately distinguish it on the radio. The first time we heard it was in 2018, a sailor story, « hyphen (…) thrown into the sea to feed the fish”. A box. ” You just have to believe “tattooed on his arm, is also the title of his first album, certified gold and double platinum.

Twice nominated for the Victoires de la Musique, in 2020 and 2022, Hoshi has just released her third album, umbrella heart, 1er September, which opens on Bad dream, haunting and melancholic refrain retracing his journey, from childhood to today, where everyone can find these little buried wounds, those that do not destroy but leave traces.

The shy little girl from Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines loved playing football, floating in her Auxerre team jersey, video games and Pokémon, and was insulted at school. Then understood, around 11 years old, that she preferred girls. A complicated but happy childhood, surrounded by her mother, a secretary, and her father, a plumber, a former punk with pink Iroquois. “I was an only child, with a calm temperament, I was very much ‘in my bubble’. » Like the title of this Diam’s song that she listened to as a teenager, alternating with those of Gaëtan Roussel, Nirvana and Metallica.

manga addict

His grandparents live in the same building. They take him, on weekends and during the holidays, to their little chalet in Bourgogne, where she listens to vinyl records by Brel and Véronique Sanson, devours dictionaries. A simple life – the parents sleep in the living room to leave him the bedroom –, without trips or swimming in the sea, because of his fragile ears. “I was a very good student, but extremely shy. » The teenager, who learned the piano by ear, started playing the guitar. “It was singing, at 15, that opened me up to life. » As well as her darling grandfather, a factory worker, who pushed her to write, he, this self-taught man pionate about history and letters, who did not have the chance to study.

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