“I have my place among the best”, assumes Adam Siao Him Fa

“I have my place among the best”, assumes Adam Siao Him Fa

European champion a few days ago, the 21-year-old Frenchman Adam Siao Him Fa now assumes his rank among the best skaters in the world.

I have my place among the best in the world“, now assumes Adam Siao Him Fa in an interview with theAFP realized a few days after his title of European figure skating champion.

At 21, you are now on top of Europe. What does this title represent?

At the time, when there were the notes, I did not realize yet, and the next day when I woke up, I said to myself: + Wow, in fact I am European champion! +. It’s not nothing, it’s crazy. It’s not every day that there is a French European champion, so knowing that I am one of the five French people who have been European champions (with Alain Giletti, Alain Calmat, Brian Joubert and Florent Amodio, Editor’s note), it is a source of pride.»

After the Grand Prix de France, the title of champion of France and now that of Europe, you are living your best season. Do you feel that you are progressing as a skater?

I have confidence (in fact) that now I have my place among the best skaters in the world. I’m not the best, there are still a lot of things I can improve on: jumps, pirouettes, skating speed… Really on everything. Competition after competition, even without looking at the result or the performance, I progress.»

What can you expect at the World Championships in two months (March 20-26 in Saitama, Japan)?

First of all, to do better than what I did during this competition. Certainly, I won but it was not perfect. Afterwards, the objective is to aim for a podium. So during these two months, I will prepare myself in order to aim for this objective. But above all, it’s a competition against myself before being a competition against others. What I find beautiful with this sport is that there is no limit, you can always progress in all aspects. For my part, I would like to be a complete skater.»

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