“I have no shame in having fun or making money”: Adèle Exarchopoulos reacts to Blanche Gardin’s comments on “LOL: who laughs, comes out!”

In an interview with Marie Clairethe 29-year-old actress fully umes her participation in the third season of the game produced by Amazon Prime Video.

The case continues to make a lot of noise. In April, Blanche Gardin mocked the personalities who participated in “LOL: who laughs, comes out!” on Prime Video. “I happen to be embarred to the bones (not to say that it would really hurt my ) to be paid 200,000 euros for a day’s work even if I lose at your game, when the charity of my choice would win 50,000 euros, that is to say four times less, and again, only if I win “had written the actress and humorist in a message posted on her Facebook account, revealing at the same time that she had refused to participate.

Last week, in a long interview published in Point , Blanche Gardin returned to this controversy. If she refused the platform’s offer, which he gave her “a little vertigo”it is because of its “political stance”. And if she wanted to make her decision public, it was to point the finger “the social crisis we are going through” And “the fact of continuing to stuff oneself without scruple as if we were in the 1980s, for example, by participating in a reality show of a mega-polluting multinational, queen of tax optimization, slave owner, killer of social life and small businesses , etc.”

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“To speak out on these subjects, you have to be irreproachable, and neither Blanche Gardin nor I are.”

Adèle Exarchopoulos

“So I had to say it. While getting ready for the vomit buckets. When you have a political position on a subject, what’s the point of whispering it in your room? I don’t understand the principle, she underlined before tackling again the former participants of “LOL: who laughs, comes out!” : “It’s a disaster and it’s going to get worse and worse. And, if the people who are supposed to inspire others a little, the artists, the celebrities, are also unscrupulous… Ideologically, inevitably it trickles”.

Long before the publication of this interview, Adèle Exarchopoulos gave an interview to Marie Claire . And like Gérard Darmon, Ramzy Bedia and Ahmed Sylla, the actress fully umes her participation in the game in which she took part “for the pleasure of laughing with [ses] friends while being paid”. “As Ramzy said, we don’t all have the same story. What we have in common is this big check, and I take it. If I had to do it again, I would do it again right away. I have no shame in having fun or making money.she replied before taking as an example “Adèle Haenel’s position”. “I don’t want to enter a system where I talk about the mentality of people who work hard like me. Moreover, to speak on these subjects, you have to be irreproachable, and neither Blanche Gardin nor I are.she concluded.

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