“I invested in real estate in the provinces… and I preferred to resell”

Louis made this investment at the age of 25, with his father and his little sister. Emma Segall / Le Figaro

YOU, MY ROOF – Favorites, more or less crazy projects, struggles and capital gains… In this series, the French tell Figaro their real estate adventures. Nearly ten years after investing in stone in Troyes, the young thirty-year-old is learning the lessons of this first acquisition.

It was an opportunity to seize, I didn’t make a fortune but today, I don’t regret anything», ures Louis*, 33, about his first real estate purchase made in 2014 in Troyes, a city in which he has never set foot. At the time, it was a friend of his brother, who managed the entire Century 21 network in the city, who convinced him to invest. Considering himself well advised, he bought – without even bothering to travel to Champagne – a three-room apartment of 77 m2 at a price of 70,000 euros, to which will be added more than 5,000 euros of work and a 2.75% interest rate. loan to repay. And as the idea is to advance as few costs as possible, you have to borrow around 102,000 euros from the bank.

But he does not embark on the adventure alone, he is accompanied by his father…

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