“I still don’t understand why Anne-Sophie voted against me”

“I still don’t understand why Anne-Sophie voted against me”

INTERVIEW – After nine days of adventures in the Philippines, the father of Seine-Maritime was considered a little too strategist and not sporty enough in the eyes of his teammates from the red team who decided to eliminate him.

Koh Lanta , the sacred fire” continues in the Philippines. After Celia And Eminit’s the turn ofalexander to see his torch go out. The 34-year-old father of a family from Seine-Maritime paid the price for a strategy that was too strong, failing to shine in the events. It is for these reasons that four of his teammates (Anne Sophie, Helena, Esteban And Rudy) decided to vote against him, precipitating his downfall.

TV MAGAZINE. – What was your goal in participating in “Koh-Lanta”?
ALEXANDER. – It was to animate this adventure, to have fun, to try things, to regret nothing and to see a little how the strategy and the manipulation could happen.

In the end, not everything went as planned…
I think I managed to animate this beginning of the adventure, to show the way to some while assuming it, but I would have liked to stay longer, that’s for sure. I wanted to do things, it didn’t work out but it wasn’t my doing.

Why did you highlight, both in your portrait and on the camp, your strategist side which can be detrimental in “Koh-Lanta”?
I didn’t do strategy to go there alone but to federate, to bring people along, to try things. And I used it on both sides. I know it’s a weakness but it could scare some people to vote against me. I arrived being the least sporty, you notice it right away. I wanted to unite people around strategies but the first defeat called everything into question.

That’s to say ?
Everyone was in favor of knocking out Helena, but after the first loss, people changed completely. They preferred to continue the adventure with someone they appreciate less but who will give them more chances at the sporting level. It is an unknown. The proof is, we lost two more times after Emin left.

“Helena and Rudy played very well. It’s a very nice move on their part.”

Alexandre, candidate for “Koh-Lanta, the sacred fire” on TF1

To have been so much strategist, what is more from the beginning of the adventure, was not a mistake in the end?
Since I came out on the third episode, I would say yes but I don’t regret it. Because I had fun, because I had a blast doing it and because it was fun to see people’s reactions. It didn’t come down to that many things. Indeed, it is very dangerous to arrive as much strategist but it is very funny to animate.

Do you still have a little regret for not having been more discreet?
It is not me ! From my point of view, if you go on an adventure like that to be a follower, not to assert your personality, to hide… it was useless. If I went to “Koh-Lanta”, I played hard without having any regrets. And if I got eliminated, I went home to see my son and my daughter who was one month old. I was sacrificing not seeing my month-old daughter grow up so I might as well go out there and play hard.

From the beginning, you mentioned your will and your desire to eliminate the strongest, in this case Helena. In the end, she is one of those who eliminated you. Aren’t you too bitter?
It’s completely the game. Helena and Rudy played very well. It’s a very nice move on their part. On the contrary, she was able to give me back my own coin. I’m not bitter at all.

If so, whose vote do you not understand?
Anne Sophie. I didn’t understand why she voted against me and I still don’t understand it. We had agreed on Rudy but what made him change his mind during the day when we got along well from the start? I do not know at all. Especially since it’s her vote that tilts the game. If she had stayed on Rudy, we would have had a magnificent three votes everywhere: three votes against Rudy, three votes against Élodie and three votes against me.

Since the shooting, you have not explained yourself?
The reasons are still vague so I still don’t understand. She highlighted sports causes that day and the last time we spoke. I will stay on that. That’s the game. I’m not going to spend 100,000 years on it.

The reds have chained several defeats. What did the team miss?
Team cohesion! Everyone was giving their opinion, it was going all over the place. At each event, Martin and Rudy had their opinion. Whether on the strategy as on the tests, it was a mess! I don’t like to lose in races, it became very problematic. The yellows were one, very sporty, and two, much better organized than the reds.

How did you perceive this affinity between Rudy and Tania?
It tickled me a bit. I was afraid that they would swap the amulet every time. Seeing far, I told myself that we could not do much against them. However, I also had in mind that Rudy was very smart and could use Tanya to advance in the game.

During the last episode, Élodie literally broke down. You who were close to her, how do you explain it?
I tried to reassure her but Elodie is very emotional. She was very difficult to deal with, that was my problem there. As much in the explosion of joy, we no longer held her back, I was even afraid that she would reveal our strategy to some people, she could be so euphoric, as much in pain, she no longer trusted anyone. I tried to channel her as much as possible, to give her confidence, but it was hard! It’s a two-way ball of energy.

Your attitude, especially when you admitted that you would rather win the rice than the fishing kit, sparked some criticism on social networks. How did you perceive them?
It’s like on the island, me, everything makes me laugh! They can criticize if they want but I stayed myself, I didn’t invent a character to please them. It’s like in everyday life, you can’t please everyone. I didn’t dwell on the negative reviews. We receive a lot of messages, mainly positive ones.

“My daughter had meningitis at birth. It called everything into question a month before leaving for the Philippines”

Alexandre, candidate for “Koh-Lanta, the sacred fire” on TF1

What was the hardest thing during these nine days of adventure?
The lack of my children. Hunger not so much because I had reservations! (Laughs.) But it was hard to miss my month-old daughter’s first smile and the rituals with my four-year-old son.

How do you go on an adventure like “Koh-Lanta”, thousands of kilometers away, leaving your one-month-old baby?
It was complicated, especially since my daughter had meningitis at birth. It called everything into question a month before leaving for the Philippines. The doctors told us it was viral meningitis. After a week of hospitalization, she went home and everything was fine. I took a risk to live the adventure of a lifetime, it’s a selfish choice. To reassure me and for things to go well, we put everything in place before my departure. I did everything to ensure that my wife was surrounded by as many people as possible, whether it was my family or hers. In the end, she barely slept in our house.

Did you agree with the production to warn you if there was anything?
They do it automatically. When something serious happens, they won’t leave us without news.

If you had to redo “Koh-Lanta”, what would you change?
It’s a secret ! I would obviously change things but I won’t say which ones to make the production’s mouth water to think of me for a new adventure. I would come back with different things, I wouldn’t propose the same character because it will be expected, but I would come back with other ideas. I wouldn’t change my character but I would come back more sporty or more social. I would change things so that we don’t expect the same character.

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