“I too will file a complaint,” Zeroual responds to Longoria

By Le Figaro


Pablo Longoria in the stands of the Vélodrome. MAOCtou / PANORAMIC

Leader of the South Winners, Rachid Zeroual responded to Pablo Longoria.

Pablo Longoria made things clear. This Friday evening, the president of OM spoke at a press conference exceptional to announce… that he remained in office.

Having been withdrawn for several days, the Olympian leader wants to remain at the head of the club. “I decided to continue my mission as president of OM.» Following this declaration of love towards the club and the Marseille city, Pablo Longoria also announced that he was going to file a complaint. A situation that does not bother Rachid Zeroual.

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It stirs up wind, it stirs up wind, insists the leader of the South Winners, according to comments reported by Provence . He said he was filing a complaint against who, against what? Nothing. I too will file a complaint.”

Accused of all the ills of OM for several days, the leader of a group of Marseille ultras is not afraid. “I don’t give a damn (sic), he can say whatever he wants. I know what I have in my hands. If he continues, it will come out for everyone to see. The people he covers at the training center will no longer be able to hide. That’s all I have to say.»

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