“I will not watch a World Cup match”

“No one will ever see me running, even in the pouring rain,” assures Michel Onfray. JEAN-LUC BERTINI/Le Figaro Magazine

BIG MAINTENANCE – Not at all passionate about football or sport, the philosopher deciphers what they reveal about our society.

I always believe that time spent in sports would be time wasted on books.“… Would it be a funny idea to question Michel Onfray in the middle of the World Cup given his lack of appetite for football? On the contrary…

LE FIGARO. – We know you above all as a man of spirit, but is Michel Onfray a sportsman?

Michel ONFRAY. – I was, but by obligation, never by taste. Until I was 17, I lived with my parents and my brother in a small two-storey house: 17 m2 on the ground floor, the same thing on the floor. Sport did not exist at home. No family transmission therefore, while my dairy driver uncle was a Tour de France fanatic. There was a football team in my native village, Chambois, in Orne. A sign announcing the matches and the results was posted in the alley where we lived. I have never attended a single game…

The world of football is an ethical, moral and political exterritoriality

Michel Onfray

The obligation was school. I didn’t like the sport even though I was pretty good at it. 11” 04 to 100…

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