“I wouldn’t have done any ‘The Voice’ if it wasn’t for my wife”

FIGARO LIVE – Guest of “Buzz TV”, the semi-finalist and Vianney protege confides in his crazy participation in the singing competition and the unconditional support of his son’s mother.

No false note. After ping four stages with flying colors in “The Voice”, Jérémy Levif will try this Saturday on TF1 to win his place for the grand final. A live bonus broadcast from 9:10 p.m. which excites the talent in the team of Vianney . “I’m very excited, I’ve never performed live in front of millions of viewers. It’s a gift to have come this far. We hope to continue having fun”he says on the set of “Buzz TV” this Friday.

The experience of the singer in the musical competition is not insignificant. Spotted on Instagram a few days apart by the French and British versions of “The Voice”, this French expatriate for ten years in Scotland ped the two castings. However, France does not retain him from the first interview. “My audition was online, my camera wasn’t working, I probably had songs that didn’t make me look good”he recalls before pointing out that at “his great surprise”, his trials for the UK version continued.

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Finally, Jérémy Levif joined the tenth season of “The Voice UK” in 2021. From his blind audition, where the singer chose Will.i.am – a member of the Black Eyed Peas group – as his mentor, the Frenchie managed to climb to the semi-finals. This nice course offers him a little press in his country of origin and he is invited to try the tele-hook but in France. “They must have seen me and thought I was the guy they said no to”he jokes.

Which coach is Vianney?

The French and German teacher in Scotland is then called back by the casting director, Bruno Berberes, who recognizes that the singer is “his greatest humiliation”. The Covid nevertheless prevents him from participating in season 11 and here he is, far from being relaxed, this year. “I felt a demand on myself. I could meat myself. It’s as if I put my title on the line with the fear of not doing as well.he confides.

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To live this adventure, Jérémy Levif was able to count on his coach Vianney, of whom he is also an absolute fan. “I really wanted to join his team and he is just as I imagined him: super human, attentive but also very sharp”, he describes. A boon for the semi-finalist who is delighted with this second experience at “The Voice”. Living the same course in each version allows the artist to make some comparisons. “In France, we have more means, more things are done behind the scenes”he says, citing, for example, a memorable day at Parc Astérix with the ociation of the Little Princes.

“Grateful for the benevolence of the program”, this dad of a little Hugo can’t help but have a thought for his family. “I wouldn’t have done any ‘The Voice’ if it wasn’t for my wife. She pushed me… Even if she sometimes regrets because I am not badly solicited»he says before recognizing “that he owes him a lot”. Initially, Jérémy Levif would never have taken part in a television program that did not find “neither his life nor his profile interesting enough”. However, each performance is welcomed by the coaches and the public.

His musical career has somewhat changed his relationship with his Scottish students aged 7 to 17. “My students are surprised to see me in this universe where I only speak French. But often they like me long before I even teach them and end up forgetting during the year”, he jokes. Whether or not Vianney’s talent reaches the final this Saturday, he remembers “an amazing experience” and ures that he will not do another “The Voice”. To prepare, his days consist of rest, rehearsals and also jokes! The artist will perform a technical and rhythmic song in French to show the public that he is still attached to his country“. It promises.

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