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Ian Brossat and Bruno Jeudy. Screenshot/BFM TV

Guest of Julie Hammett this Friday, September 15, the spokesperson for the PCF drew the wrath of his interlocutors by supporting the call to invade the prefectures of his party leader Fabien Roussel, in particular.

There are sometimes TV debates that deserve to be highlighted… Guest of “BFM Story Weekend” on BFMTV this Friday, September 15, 2023, the deputy mayor of Paris and spokesperson for the Communist Party, Ian Brossat, supported a statement from his party leader on stage. So far so good. Except that very quickly, the tone rose between the politician and the show’s editorialists, Benjamin Duhamel, in particular. Since his interview given the day before in Franceinfo’s “8.30”, Fabien Rousselnational secretary of the PCF, is, in fact, very criticized for his call to “invade gas stations, supermarkets and prefectures” if the fall in prices did not occur “in the coming weeks”. “Because the State is responsible”did he declare.

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“We’ve been bothering the French with stupid debates for weeks”

Ian Brossat

The journalist Julie Hammett in fact, asked Ian Brossat the question of the advisability of such an initiative, recalling the destructive riots at the beginning of the summer. “We’ve been bothering the French for weeks with stupid debates that have no point. And so at one point, Fabien Roussel decided to take responsibility. We are not going to spend three more months debating one day the abaya, the next day the uniforms and then I don’t know what”, replied the person concerned. Then launch to Benjamin Duhamel: “I tell you, the subject of the French is inflation, it’s prices, it’s social anger. And thank you to Fabien Roussel for allowing this social reality to finally burst onto the sets. So, I know very well, it bothers you, it suited you that we were talking about all these stupid debates!»

I’m so tired of your moral lessons!

Ian Brossat

Before telling him: “I’m so tired of your moral lessons! I’m so fed up with these well-paid people who have no problems in life, sitting comfortably!“. Julie Hammett, Benjamin Duhamel, soon joined by the Director of the “Tribune du Dimanche”, Bruno Jeudy, then tried to interrupt him. But Ian Brossat’s eagerness to convince the audience was such that they did not succeed. “We have an explosion in poverty and there are people who will say ‘We must remain calm, you understand, we must not bother the government (…) We must organize social anger…“, he continued. Until Bruno Jeudy said to him: “Including being an outlaw what?“. Ian Brossat did not answer this last question. The edifying debate continued and ended in the most complete hubbub. Please note, this weekend takes place like every year, Humanity Day.

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