IBRiS: PiS – 33.2 percent; KO – 26 percent; Third Way – 10.3 percent; Left – 10.1 percent

PiS can count on 33.2 percent. support, KO on 26 percent, Trzecia Droga on 10.3 percent, Left on 10.1 percent, and Confederation on 9.4 percent. – according to an IBRiS survey for “Rzeczpospolita” and RMF FM radio. The Nonpartisan Local Government People are below the electoral threshold, with 2% of them wanting to vote. surveyed.

Compared to the poll conducted two weeks ago (August 25-26), Jarosław Kaczyński’s party loses 0.2 percentage points, which is within the limits of statistical error.

The Civic Coalition, gaining the support of 26 percent, loses 1.2 percentage points.

However, the most spectacular changes concern further positions. The Confederation for the Third Way loses its place on the podium, which gains slightly (0.3 pp.), with the support of 10.3 percent.

Sławomir Mentzen’s party is also losing ground in the poll of the Left, which gains 0.8 percentage points. (10.1%).

The increases of Third Way and New Left are not large, but the decline in Confederation’s ratings from 12.4 percent is clearly visible. to 9.4, i.e. by 3 percentage points. This gives her only fifth place on the party’s support list.

The Non-Party Local Government Workers, although they do not exceed the 5% threshold and therefore do not participate in the distribution of seats, record 2%. support.

The expected voter turnout increases significantly: from 51 percent. two weeks ago to 57.1 today. It is also worth emphasizing that the percentage of respondents declaring that they will “definitely” take part in the elections is clearly increasing – it is currently 44.7%. respondents.

The IBRiS survey for Rzeczpospolita and RMF FM was conducted using the CATI method on September 8-9 on a group of 1,100 respondents. (PAP)

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