“If we are given back our dignity, tomorrow, I condemn Hamas”: with the Gazans refugees in Ramallah

These are undoubtedly the only people who regret not being in the Gaza Strip. “I dream of waking up there, surrounded by my loved ones. I prefer to die under the bombs near my family than to be in sorrow far from them,” maintains Mustapha, 59, approved by all his mattress neighbors. This man with a salt-and-pepper beard wearing a Taybeh t-shirt, the Palestinian beer brand, has been staying for more than three weeks with 540 of his compatriots in a gymnasium in Ramallah, the capital of the Palestinian Authority. All are Gazans who worked in Israel – there were around 18,500 of them – and who were forced to flee the Jewish state to take refuge in the occupied West Bank after the cancellation of their permits following the October 7 macres perpetrated by Hamas. They crowd into this gym located… rue Jacques-Chirac.

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