iFood plans to increase presence in Rio Grande do Sul

Present in 25% of Rio Grande do Sul, iFood has 73% of small and medium-sized restaurants gauchos registered on your platform and 5.9 thousand couriers. This good performance encouraged the platform to expand its operations in the region. The plans, according to the company’s vice president of restaurants, Arnaldo Bertolaccini, include bringing more establishments to the application, in addition to offering constant improvements to the tool to provide a positive experience for all involved.

In an exclusive interview with Journal of Commerce, the executive talks about iFood’s presence in the state and growth expectations for the coming years.

Jornal do Comércio – What are the iFood expansion plans for the South Region and for Rio Grande do Sul in particular?

Arnaldo Bertolaccini – Rio Grande do Sul is a strategic state for our business. A relevant piece of data that shows the behavior of the economy in Rio Grande do Sul is that 73% of Rio Grande do Sul restaurants registered on the platform are small or medium-sized businesses. That’s why our expansion plan includes bringing more establishments to the app, but also offering constant improvements to the app to provide a positive experience for restaurants, customers and delivery people.

Jornal do Comércio – Is this project based on studies? What were the most significant conclusions about RS?
Bertolaccini – In 2020 and 2021, with the peak of the Covid-19 pandemic, the delivery market showed strong growth. As the social distance measures were reduced, we continued to see the expansion of our business due to the increase in the number of restaurants that migrated to the delivery service, reinforcing a new consumption habit. People have been looking for the comfort, practicality and security of placing their orders without leaving home.

Furthermore, being a Brazilian technology company, iFood has not stopped investing in new solutions, such as market deliveries, pets, pharmacy and ultra convenience. Our numbers show the consolidation of these habits. Consumers started to consume delivery at different times of the day – whether to order a meal, or to go to the market and other facilities within the app. This directly contributed to new entrepreneurs offering even more services on the platform. There are more than 65 million monthly orders, more than 300,000 registered establishments, 200,000 couriers connected in more than 1,700 cities throughout Brazil.

Jornal do Comércio – What are the goals outlined for the State?
Bertolaccini – iFood’s priority is to consolidate its positioning as an accessible and complete partner for any restaurant profile with delivery. This means that we are going to reinforce a lot the additional services that add to the day-to-day operation, such as the partnership with Anota lá, the logistical services and marketing tools that iFood makes available. In addition, iFood has strengthened the Continuous Improvement Agenda, which is a process of bringing partner restaurants closer together and evolving operational tools.

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