Imitation contest, Bigflo and Oli boosted, new rule … Behind the scenes of the blind auditions of “The Voice”

Zazie, Amel Bent, Bigflo, Vianney and Oli during the recording of the blind auditions for season 12 of “The Voice”, soon on TF1 Alex Sarmiento / Bureau233 for TF1

WE WERE THERE – Since last Monday in the studios of Lendit in Saint-Denis, in the Paris region, the teams of ITV Studios France have been shooting the twelfth season of their telecrochet with very effective new features.

After two years of absence for health reasons, the public returns during the blind auditions of “The Voice” . The recordings began last Monday in the usual L1 studio in Lendit, a few hundred meters from the Stade de France. A total of five filming sessions are planned for each coach to recruit 14 talents to their team. “It’s been more than six months that the teams of Bruno Berberesand Pascal Guix are on this casting to try to have the best talents possibleexplained the producer Matthew Grelier. This year, we feel that something special is happening both in the diversity of artists and in the overall quality. »

Compared to previous seasons, the producers of “The Voice” reduced the number of candidates allowed to try their luck on the blind audition stage at 102 only. “We kept the crème de la crème”assures Matthieu Grelier, highlighting a record number of applications, more than 50,000! “We have chosen to retain, at 90%, amateurs, namely artists who do not live entirely from music. » On the sample of talents that we had the opportunity to see and listen to on Tuesday afternoon, the promise is clearly kept: from the 41-year-old rocker nominated for the Victoires de la Musique with his group to the French champion in human beatbox through a formation that revisits rap titles and video game sounds with rock sauce, originality and quality become one.

“I didn’t think a TV show would cause the separation of Bigflo and Oli”

Another fundamental element of the success of a format like “The Voice”: the coaches. For this season 12, Florent Pagny gave up his armchair positioned on the right side, when looking towards the stage, to Zazie. “I’m going to dress in leather and only take big voices”, quipped the singer. Opposite, left side, Bigflo and Oli share the same buzzer as they had already done in 2016 in the Belgian version of the program. In France, this is the first time that a pair has taken place among the coaches of “The Voice”. For the two brothers, the difficulty is to reach agreement during each performance and, inevitably, disagreements arise. “I didn’t think a TV show would cause the separation of Bigflo and Oli”jokes their friend Vianney – back for its third edition – after a talent missed by the Toulouse duo.

Humor is omnipresent between the five singing professionals. Before the recording of the college of coaches, each other engaged in an imitation contest, Amel Bent taking an approximate voice from Homer Simpson when Vianney and Bigflo parodied the launches of Nikos Aliagas. The TF1 host was present, smiling and professional as usual, despite his injured leg. “The other coaches, if you could make quick comments to the talents, like ‘it’s good’, just so we don’t miss the game tonight”continued to joke Bigflo about the FIFA World Cup tie between France and Australia. Once the blind auditions have started, no coach will look at his watch or count his speaking time. All shots are allowed to bring new musical nuggets into his team.

A novelty called “superblock”

If the show retains its fundamentals, a few small innovations will be made at each stage of the competition. Thus, during blind auditions, the “block” is replaced by the “superblock”. Previously, this small bonus allowed each coach to block one of their neighbors by activating it before the targeted person was manifested. This season, this blockage (usable once per coach) can occur at any time: during the performance of the talent, as after, during the debriefs of the coaches. “It makes the intervention more daunting and also funnier”, says Matthieu Grelier. In Australia as in Bulgaria, this mode of operation has already been put in place. “With the difference that, with us, the blocked coach’s chair turns around again”, underlines the producer with amusement. In fact, we have witnessed a “superblock”, this novelty is tasty.

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