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Emmanuel Macron is not the only one who wants to turn the page on pensions. The LR want to forget a period for them synonymous with inconstancy and divisions. The sooner the better. THE RN, he did rather well of the episode, and not only because the excesses of LFI made him look almost wise: no one really looked into the cost of his proposal (retirement at 60 or 62 depending on the situation), astronomical he goes without saying. That shouldn’t be the case now.

The right flank would therefore help the president to get out of the retirement trap stretched by the left with the bill of June 8, if not by launching another equally tricky dynamic, around immigration. This Sunday, Eric Ciotti, Olivier Marleix and Bruno Retailleau pose for a photo in the “JDD”. Understand: they are united, they agree, so they are strong. “For us, it’s this or nothing”, they launch to Emmanuel Macron by presenting two texts toughening the immigration policy, including a revision of the Constitution unacceptable for the executive.

Tax reduction

Casually, the National Rally also returns to this subject which it left in the background. “The economy will never be a land of conquest of new voters, immigration if,” said an official. Especially since Eric Zemmour always makes it his number one theme, without stopping at militant excesses against the mayor of Saint Brevin .

“It should not be surprising that the great replacement ends up provoking strong reactions”, he justifies on RTL while “condemning the way in which this mayor was treated”. Next year’s European elections will be played out like last time on the right. The race has just started.

Emmanuel Macron had anticipated it. He lobbied internally to put immigration back on his agenda. He put other strong themes in the debate so as not to be bound by it. But even lower taxes for the middle cl was not enough.

The president of regal procrastination, as described in the fascinating book “The night falls twice” (1), finds himself in a hurry on a subject which will put his majority to the test. At least that wasn’t the case on retirement. While posing a real risk to his government, since Olivier Marleix promises a motion of censure for all 49.3 on a “lax” text. This is the problem of the auxiliary forces, even small like LR, when they consider that they have paid too much for a compromise: they go to the balance of power, severe.

(1) Corinne Lhaïk and Eric Mandonnet. Plural Edition.

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