Immigration law: the executive wants to convince

Migrants on the Ocean Viking, in the Tyrrhenian Sea on November 10. VINCENZO CIRCOSTA/AFP

The Ministers of the Interior and of Labor consult parties and associations before drafting the text.

It did not take more than six months after the start of the five-year term before the executive looked into the immigration file. By launching a series of political consultations on Monday which should lead, in January 2023, to the presentation of a dedicated bill, the Minister of the Interior, Gérald Darmanin, and his Labor colleague, Olivier Dussoptopened a perilous sequence.

During his reappointment to Beauvau, Gérald Darmanin assured that he would take over the subject when the power has been regularly accused since 2017 of not showing firmness in the sovereign field. Expulsion of foreign offenders, application of obligations to leave French territory (OQTF)… The stated ambitions initially reassured the right. Before the fiasco around the homeocean viking and its 234 migrant passengers are once again causing trouble. As for the government’s proposal to create a residence permit for foreigners in an irregular situation who exercise a profession in tension, it revived the accusations of laxity from the benches of LR.

Within the executive, we ensure that nothing is set in stone. The government says it will be inspired by the debates on migration policy that will be held in the Assembly on December 6 and then in the Senate on December 13 to build the bill. Prior to this exercise, the leaders of the opposition and the majority begin to present their position and formulate their proposals.

“Making Statistics”

The first delegation to have been received, La France insoumise unsurprisingly expressed its opposition in principle. “Their project links security and immigration, which is not acceptable. It is a law to make statistics, to give pledges to a certain electorate. They do not speak once about the reception conditions”, annoys MP Thomas Portes, who was accompanied by his colleagues Danièle Obono and Andrée Taurinya. To represent the National Rally, Marine Le Pen sent deputies Edwige Diaz and Yohan Gillet. With a tone “combative” claims. Without waiting to know the contours of the future text, they denounce its intentions. The party line will be refined this Tuesday in a group meeting. Without preventing the Lepenist elected officials from promising firm opposition to the bill, which they consider “not up to the challenge”. Frontist parliamentarians do not, however, rule out voting “one or two articles that would go in the right direction, especially on the implementation of OQTFs”indicates the spokesman of the RN and deputy of the Oise, Philippe Ballard.

The President of the National Assembly, Yaël Braun-Pivet, also made the trip to Beauvau. By becoming the spokesperson for a presidential majority that is calling for a bill “balance”. The ministers advance constrained: they remember the tensions created in the Macron camp by the asylum and immigration bill, in 2018.

This year, in the name of “integration”, the leaders of the Macronist left wing are determined to create a residence permit for “jobs in tension” in sectors with a labor shortage. A provision seen as a pendant to the hardening of expulsions. “This measure is an express request of our majority”, insists Sacha Houlié, president (Renaissance) of the law commission of the National Assembly. Even though the executive refuses to make it a totem. “The most important thing is to allow the adoption of the text”blows a member of the executive, ready to make concessions to LR.

The group of independent Freedoms and Territories (LIOT), with which the government thinks it can find compromises, will be received on Wednesday.

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