Immigration law: the MoDem group calls not to go to 49.3, even if it means “losing”

It is better to “lose” on the immigration bill “that we go to 49.3”, declared to the embly on Tuesday the spokesperson for the MoDem group, Erwan Balanant, a few hours before the start of the work in committee.

“We talked about it again today in a group meeting (…) We would rather lose this text than go to the 49.3 », insisted the MP during a weekly press conference of the MoDem group, member of the majority with Renaissance and Horizons. “Finding an agreement is certainly difficult but possible and desirable. On a subject like this we think that it is really not desirable to go as far as 49.3,” argued the centrist elected official, member of the Laws Committee.

The latter will hear at the end of the afternoon, this Monday, the Minister of the Interior Gérald Darmanin on this text, adopted in the Senate in a strongly toughened version compared to the government’s original version. The Minister said he himself was “opposed” to the use of constitutional weapons to p this text without a vote, even if he did not reject it.

Senatorial additions in the crosshairs

The Law Committee will then examine the text in substance throughout the week of November 27, and the members of the presidential majority intend to delete a good part senatorial additionson the grounds that they would be too far from the original text to p the filter of constitutional admissibility.

“Most of the Senate’s additional articles would not have ped the embly,” ured Erwan Balanant. “We are going to put them straight or in any case they will be challenged by the Constitutional Council. »

In their viewfinder in particular the controversial abolition of the AME (State medical aid), which senators replaced with emergency medical aid, challenges to land law or restrictions on access to social benefits. “You will see that the text will already regain its balance just through this subject,” said Erwan Balanant.

But the presidential majority will first have to find common ground within it, while Horizons, unlike the MoDem, explained that the Senate version “suits it overall”. “I admit we were a little surprised. But we know how to find compromises. I think we will get there,” replied Erwan Balanant on Tuesday.

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