Immigration: LR seeks to put the majority in difficulty

Published on Nov 29, 2023 at 7:15 am

A controversial subject as a preamble. It is probably not due to chance that the first text that Les Républicains (LR) wish to examine during their “parliamentary niche” on December 7 addresses the Franco-Algerian agreements of 1968.

On this subject, the right intends to fault the government regarding agreements which facilitate the length of stay and movement of Algerian nationals in France, via a proposed resolution which has no binding value. “Let’s stop naivety about Algeria on the migratory side”, we summarize within the LR group where we are keen to highlight the exceptional framework from which Algeria benefits, in “ no justified case.”

Only Horizons is favorable

The probability of seeing this proposed resolution succeed is close to zero. The government is not in favor of it, as are the two main components of the majority, the Renaissance and Modem groups. Only the party of Edouard Philippe Horizons, seems willing to vote for it.

The executive does not want tender relations with Algeria, which are currently experiencing a slight improvement after a very difficult period. Within the government as at Renaissance and Modem, we believe that the time is very bad to vote on such a resolution. And we also insist, in Emmanuel Macron’s entourage, on the fact that the denunciation of these agreements would not necessarily result in a restriction of migratory flows from Algeria. “A false good idea,” they insist.

Behind the scenes, the leader of the LR deputies, Olivier Marleix, is delighted to create a stir even among the majority. Because his group appears itself in difficulty with the text on immigration of the government adopted in the Senate on first reading. The “parliamentary niche” will also be an opportunity to put back on the table the request for constitutional revision that the right is demanding and which is being put forward in order not to vote on the immigration bill. This constitutional reform aimed at allowing a referendum on immigration appears in second position in the order of page of the “niche”.

No more than the proposed resolution on Algeria, it has no chance of succeeding. The relative majority in the National embly is against it, as is the left. Furthermore, Emmanuel Macron, during the second edition of the Rencontres de Saint-Denis, could only act the impossibility of reaching an agreement between the different parties on the question of broadening the scope of the referendum, starting with immigration. The Republicans had decided to boycott this meeting.

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