Immigration: the LR bill would confine France to isolation within the EU

Brussels is silent but thinks none the less. Proposals from Éric Ciotti, Olivier Marleix and Bruno Retailleau on immigration, and in particular that of including in the Constitution the possibility of derogating from European law when “the fundamental interests of the nation” are at stake, have not provoked an official reaction from the European authorities. But a previous episode reminds us how these kinds of ideas make people cringe. The proposal for a “constitutional shield” in migration matters was indeed already raised in September 2021 by former European Commissioner Michel Barnier during the right-wing primary. A suggestion which at the time had received an icy reception from the European Commission, which recalled that the primacy of European law applies “in all areas” and that “the management of asylum and migration is a shared competence over which the Court of Justice has jurisdiction”.

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