In a letter to Putin, the doctors demanded that MP Horinov be isted

A group of Russian doctors published an open letter to President Vladimir Putin with a request to provide the necessary medical istance to former Moscow municipal deputy Alexei Horinov. He is serving a prison term for the article about the so-called fakes about the Russian army.

On Friday, after visiting the convict in colony No. 2 in Pokrov, in the Vladimir region, his lawyer reported a sharp deterioration in his client’s health.

According to the doctors who consulted Putin, Horynov had “signs of acute respiratory failure, as well as a severe course of the infectious process.” Doctors believe that he needs “hospitalization and a wide range of diagnostic and treatment measures that are impossible outside the hospital, including detection of a possible reactivation of the tuberculosis process.”

The authors of the letter call the politician’s condition life-threatening. They also indicate a violation of two clauses of Article 41 of the Constitution of the Russian Federation, which state that every citizen has the right to health care and medical care, as well as that the concealment by officials of facts and circumstances dangerous to people’s lives entails responsibility in accordance with by law

Almost 100 Russian doctors of various specialties have already signed the open letter, Meduza reports.

Alexei Horynov’s lawyer, who visited him in the colony on December 8, said that his skin is blue, he has no strength to sit on a chair and speak. The defender cited the words of Horynov himself that he has a fever, constant chills, it is difficult for him to breathe and it is very cold in the premises of the colony.

Horynov’s ociates write in the Telegram channel dedicated to him that the prisoner has a chronic lung disease, which is well known to doctors in the colony, and in 2016 he underwent an operation to remove part of a lung.

  • Alexey Horinov is the first person convicted of the article about “fakes” about the Russian army, which appeared in the country’s Criminal Code shortly after the full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine. He was sentenced in the summer of this year. He received seven years in prison for the fact that, during a meeting of the council of municipal deputies, he proposed to announce a minute of silence in memory of the victims of military aggression in Ukraine.
  • In October, it became known that another criminal case was initiated against Horynov – on the article about the justification of terrorism.
  • The Russian authorities consider the publication of any information about the war in Ukraine, different from the version of the Ministry of Defense, to be fakes. According to this article, he can face up to 10 years of imprisonment.

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