In a small village in the Vosges, the school bus driver is the mayor!

“Didn’t you already have enough work before? » This is one of the remarks that the mayor of Charmois-l’Orgueilleux (Vosges), Éric Del Missier, hears regularly since he decided at the start of the school year to drive the bus taking the children from his village to the neighboring college of Xertigny.

“The carrier is currently facing a shortage of drivers and he didn’t have a solution for this line. As I have a public transport license, I volunteered and underwent specific training for penger transport. I did some tests last May, and I liked it. So they offered me a contract. The only condition was that it did not encroach on my mandate. From 6 p.m. the tour is over and I can leave for a meeting. »

“Mayors are multitaskers”

Éric Del Missier volunteered, in line with his commitment to his town of 600 inhabitants. “In our small villages, the mayors are multitasking. We are always helping out our residents, and this new mission for me is part of it. And for the parents, there is a little reuring side, they know me and trust me. »

This 61-year-old retiree, former sales manager, therefore finds salaried work, from Monday to Friday, morning and evening. But he ures: “It’s really not for the financial aspect that I do it. I don’t want to take someone else’s place. If anyone is interested in the position, I would gladly p it on to them! »

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