In Aube, a PE teacher makes his dream come true by publishing a first novel

Despite the page of time, some teachers know how to leave their mark on our memory. PE teacher at the La Villeneuve college in Saint-André-les-Vergers (Aube), Charly Vindret is one of those whose students will remember for a long time. This Aubois proves that it is possible to make your childhood dreams come true. Indeed, he has just published his first novel entitled “Four seasons with Mont Blanc” (editions Maia)

In these pages, the author tells a beautiful love story between two teachers who work in a school located in the heart of the Pays de Gex, “a wonderful place located between the Jura and the Alps”. This romance “is not going to go as planned since it will take a whole school year for the characters to truly love each other,” says the teacher. The latter confides that he was inspired by his personal life to write this work which allows readers to dream, escape and be moved.

In his novel, Charly Vindret depicts the school world through portraits of teachers. The idea is also to highlight this profession which sometimes feels forgotten or despised. “After writing it, I realized that this book was a beautiful dedication to teachers and students,” he remembers. Pionate about literature since his early childhood, Charly Vindret wrote poems and texts during his adolescence and his studies. He then focused on his job and his family life. The PE teacher wanted to concentrate on writing his book around ten years ago, before finishing it during confinement.

Playground star

“My students are surprised to know that I wrote a novel! », laughs the teacher. If the youngest 6th graders are still wondering about this second writer’s hat, the 3rd graders are asking Charly Vindret many questions. “Some even asked their parents to buy the book,” he is surprised. This second job therefore causes “a lot of talk” in the playground! Delighted and touched to receive compliments from his students, the teacher has become a model who deconstructs stereotypes: yes, sports teachers can sometimes swap their whistle for a pen, have a beautiful pen and demonstrate imagination!

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