In Finland, an investigation has been launched against the commander of the Rusych DSRG

The criminal police of Finland has started an investigation against a Russian, one of the commanders of the nationalist group “Rusich” Voislav Torden, formerly known as Jan Petrovsky. He is suspected of committing terrorist crimes on the territory of Ukraine. Yle writes about it.

Torden was detained in Finland last summer for violating migration laws, and then sent to prison at the request of Kyiv, which is seeking the Russian’s extradition. On December 8, the Supreme Court rejected the request. At the same time, Torden had his Finnish residence permit canceled and had to be sent to Russia.

Torden was released after the trial on December 8, but on the same day he was detained by the Finnish border service. Yle writes that the police and the Prosecutor General’s Office are studying the materials handed over by Ukraine for the extradition of the Russian.

Torden is not a citizen of Finland, and the crimes he could commit were committed outside the country. But the Finnish legislation allows the investigation of crimes committed abroad, if it is expedient for the implementation of justice.

Ukraine accuses Torden of crimes committed in 2014-2015 in Donb.

The sabotage and ault intelligence group “Rusich” consists of radical nationalists and neo-Nazis and has been participating in military operations against Ukraine since 2014. Kyiv accuses the organization of committing war crimes, including torture and murder of prisoners and civilians.

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