In Guatemala, a thousand Mayan coins seized from American traffickers

The investigators found “722 objects of various sizes and materials, such as jade and basalt”, as well as “500 archaeological pieces (in stone)”.

Guatemalan authorities have seized more than a thousand pre-Hispanic Mayan artifacts from the home of two Americans recently arrested in the country for trafficking in archaeological objectssaid a statement from the Guatemalan Ministry of Justice on Thursday.

Investigators found at their home in Antigua Guatemala, 45 km southwest of the capital, “722 objects of various sizes and materials, such as jade and basalt“, as well as “500 archaeological pieces (in stone) of small size“, indicates the press release. Stephanie Allison Jolluck, 49, and Giorgio Salvador Rossilli, 62, were arrested on Sunday evening November 13 in Antigua Guatemala as part of an investigation into trafficking in archaeological items.

In their vehicle, some 166 pre-Columbian Maya archaeological pieces were found. Both were released on bail with a ban on leaving the country. Stephanie Allison Jolluck was arrested for the first time Friday, November 11 at the international airport of the Guatemalan capital as she tried to leave the country with two archaeological pieces in carved stone of Mayan origin.

The Maya civilization, which extended from present-day southern Mexico to El Salvador through what is now Guatemala, Honduras and Belize, reached its peak during the “Classic periodfrom 250 to 900 of the Christian era, before entering into decadence, from 900 to 1200.

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