In Hilsenheim, we go through Leboncoin to find little pupils in kindergarten

“Vacancies: kindergarten students”! For several days, this ad posted on Leboncoin challenges. “We have chosen this mode of communication to alert on the situation of our establishment in Hilsenheim”, explains this mother of a student from Bas-Rhin who wishes to remain anonymous.

Posted in the “employment” category of the famous site, the job offer specifies that “you must be between 3 and 5 years old and preferably come with your parents”. “We bet on humor when a kindergarten cl is threatened with closure at the start of the school year,” continues this mother. According to the count of the rectorate of the academy of Strasbourg, it lacks 2.5 pupils at this establishment to see this 4th cl of kindergarten maintained next September.

Before June 20

“We had already mobilized in March by attaching banners everywhere in the town but without success. This time we opted for this announcement in the hope that the media will relay it, ”says the young woman. She welcomes “contacts made with parents from other Alsatian municipalities who plan to send their children to school in Hilsenheim at the start of the next school year, even if for the time being no concrete registration”.

If the three missing cherubs are not found before June 20, the closure of this kindergarten cl will be definitively ratified by the rectorate of the Strasbourg academy. “In the clified ad, we praise the merits of Hilsenheim such as the many sports clubs, the playgrounds or even the Ehpad for the future old days of the parents”, laughs this mother who hopes to seduce the most recalcitrant. .

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