In Krasnoyarsk, three “Antifa” supporters received conditional terms

In Krasnoyarsk, the court sentenced 3.5 to 5 years to three local residents, whom the FSB calls representatives of the left-wing radical movement Antifa. They were convicted under the article of robbery. At the same time, as Sever.Realii writes, the special service also indicated that the convicts “opposed the SVO” (that’s how the Russian authorities call the invasion of Ukraine – RS).

According to the investigation, in July 2022, three residents of the city broke into the apartment of a “representative of the nationalist youth” and stole “informal paraphernalia and other property of the victim.” The FSB claims that the convicts threatened the victim with a pistol and a knife.

The special service also declares that the accused “were campaigning against the SVO, and also planned provocative actions at the Krasnoyarsk military enlistment offices.” At the same time, they were convicted only under the article of robbery.

In August, the Russian state agency “RIA-Novosti” reported the arrest of two suspects in a robbery attack. It was reported that they painted anti-war graffiti on the walls, and “also had plans to set fire to the military enlistment office.” The agency, citing a source, named the detainees: Ilya Vinogradov and Daniil Ivanov.

In publications close to left-radical ideology, the second version of what happened was discussed: anti-fascists took things from their former colleague in the movement with the surname Akabov and the nickname Gucha. Akabov’s ex-girlfriend asked to pick up their belongings. Akabov allegedly voluntarily gave Vinohradov and Ivanov’s belongings, and then wrote a statement about them to the police.

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