In Lyon, the essential guide Petit Paumé celebrates its half-century

In Lyon, it is an institution. For 50 years, the Petit Paumé guide has scrutinized, with its uncompromising criticism, restaurants, bars, nightclubs, hairdressers, spas, sports halls, performance halls… In short, all the places where you can spend your free time. With its 250,000 copies distributed free of charge, its 100,000 “Likes” on Facebook, his 11,000 subscribers on Instagram, but also his website, he is by far the city’s first guide. Known by 98% of Lyonnais, it has even just received first place in the “City Guide Awards” which took place in Paris.

But who is behind such success? An ociation of students from the EM-Lyon business school which has made it a phenomenon in half a century. An ociation run like a real company in this great French business school which specializes in entrepreneurship. Each year, the team of 35 students dedicated to producing the guide is completely renewed.

“Recruitment is very selective”, explains a 22-year-old student, in master 2 at EM and current president of Petit Paumé, “we put together around ten competing lists which are decided by vote after a campaign lasting several months”. The winning list then works for a year to produce the following year’s guide, tests more than 1,300 addresses, collects some 800,000 euros in advertising to finance the year’s guide, but also organizes events for its clients. .

“Le Petit Paumé” becomes “La Petite Paumée”

The 2019 edition will present some innovations. “With the desire to commit ourselves to women and gender equity, this year the guide will be called “La Petite Paumée” confides the student. “For the occasion, the production of the guide carried out, made in partnership with the feminist ociation Cacti, worked to deconstruct the clichés”, explains the president, “the tests usually igned to girls were entrusted to boys and vice versa “. This is how the tests in wellness addresses (mages, hair removal) returned to the boys!

In the digital age, students also wondered about the best publication medium for their guide. “And we ultimately chose to keep the paper. Faced with digital competition, paper preserves the soul of Petit Paumé and makes it a real emotional object,” considers Thomas.

The distribution of the guide is always a celebration. That of the 2019 edition will take place this Saturday with great fanfare at Place Bellecour where 120,000 people are expected and where the first 110,000 copies will be distributed. It will continue in the city’s districts and in Villeurbanne until October 27.

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