In Mayenne, every Friday will be “pullover day” to save energy

The temperature of the buildings managed by the department will drop from 19 to 18 degrees, saving 7% of energy consumption.

The department of Mayenne presented its energy sobriety plan on Thursday. Among the 53 measures is that of "sweater daywhich consists in lowering the heating by one degree. Concretely, every Friday, the temperature of several buildings will drop from 19 to 18 degrees. All establishments managed by the department are concerned, such as gendarmeries, colleges and certain museums.

For Olivier Richefou, president of the Mayenne department, the choice of Friday is logical: “We begin to lower the temperature of buildings which are then closed on Saturday and Sunday". According to him, this measure would save 7% of energy consumption. It is well worthan extra layer of wool“, he jokes. For Olivier Richefou, “this image makes everyone awareto energy sobriety. However, he states that "this measure will be applied with discernment» depending on the establishments concerned.

Among the other measures of the energy sobriety plan is the appointment of 25 agents, called "eco-motivated ambassadors". Their mission: to share the right gestures and raise awareness among the people of Mayenne. "We will also encourage people to charge their electronic devices between 3 and 5 p.m., when energy demand is lowest.“, emphasizes Olivier Richefou. Department officers are also encouraged to carpool and take the train, rather than the car. The 53 measures still have to be voted on during a parliamentary session on September 26th. "I expect unanimous», launches the president of the department.

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