In Mayotte, justice paves the way for the destruction of a major slum

In Mayotte, May 1, 2023.

The authorities will be able to proceed with the destruction of a large slum on the French island of Mayotte, Talus 2, after an appeal decision overturning, Wednesday, May 17, the order of the judge in chambers which had suspended the demolition, a- we learned from concordant sources.

On April 24, when a vast operation to fight against illegal immigration and unsanitary housing began in this French department in the Indian Ocean, called “Wuambushu”, the Mamoudzou judicial court, seized in emergency, had suspended the evacuation of this informal district of Koungou (north-east).

The judge had estimated that the demolition of the habitats targeted in this shantytown, where a hundred families live, would put “at risk to security” other inhabitants, whose homes would be weakened.

In a judgment delivered on Wednesday and consulted by Agence France-Presse, the Mayotte appeals chamber overturns this order by ruling that, “outside of their occupier status”the applicants did not “justified of any element which makes it possible to establish the reality of the right of ownership which they consider reached”. The chamber also considers that this dispute falls within the jurisdiction of the administrative court, which had already ruled in favor of the prefecture on May 13.

“In the next few days”

The call room “relief” besides “the non-respect of the rights of the defence, that is to say of the State”reacted to Twitter Interior Minister Gérald Darmanin. “Our determined action to destroy unworthy habitat in Mayotte will therefore be able to resume”, he added. The “stripping” operation at Talus 2 will take place “in the next few days”according to the minister’s entourage.

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“The “reclaiming of land and destruction of unfit habitat” component of the “Wuambushu” operation will finally be able to be deployed”rejoiced for his part the deputy Mansour Kamardine (Les Républicains) in a press release, calling “the government to implement it quickly and fully”.

This parliamentarian sharply criticized the order taken on April 24 by the president of the Mamoudzou judicial court, denouncing its “Strong commitment to the Syndicat de la magistrature”organization ranked on the left.

The Superior Council of the Judiciary had replied in a rare clarification, considering that “the impartiality of a magistrate” could not be blamed “for the sole reason” of his union membership.

The judgment of the Appeals Chamber comes on the day of the resumption of the maritime link between Mayotte and the neighboring archipelago of the Comoros, after more than three weeks of suspension, against the backdrop of criticism from Moroni against the “Wuambushu” operation. .

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According to the collective of citizens of Mayotte present at the departure of the ferry Maria Galantaabout twenty Comorians in an irregular situation on French territory embarked and reached the Comorian island of Ndzouani.

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