in Paris, a demonstration of young people who refuse to “turn the page”

Youth organizations have called for a new mobilization against the pension reform, in Paris, on May 11, 2023.

The light rain that fell in the early afternoon in Paris, Thursday, May 11, did not dampen either his motivation or his enthusiasm. “We called for this rally to show the government that young people remain opposed to pension reform, even if the partial period makes student mobilization more difficult”, launches Salomé Hocquard, member of the national office of the National Union of Students of France (UNEF). Like nearly 300 people, she participated in a demonstration linking the Place de l’Hôtel de Ville to that of the Republic, at the call of several high school, student and political organizations, but also of the Interprofessional General embly of 92 .

“We do not intend to turn the page, as Emmanuel Macron wishes”, emphasizes Salomé Hocquard. Further, Kemil Ouamara worries about his father “concierge in a gymnasium and [qui] has a job that breaks his back”. He doesn’t have “don’t want to work until 64 and end up worn out”. The 19-year-old second-year English student at Sorbonne-Paris-Nord University also speaks “of his buddies, who are suffering from inflation and can’t manage to get out of it”.

One who qualifies as ” brand new “ at the heart of the parades beat the pavement for the first time this year against this ” overfull “. ” It is a whole “considers the young man who dreams, without really believing in it, of the outright withdrawal of the reform. “If I didn’t expect it, I wouldn’t be here”smiles Kim.

“Anti-social and anti-democratic policy”

“This pension reform illustrates what our society is becoming: an increasingly brutal world”judge Paul, 22 years old (he did not wish to give his last name) who denounces “deteriorating living conditions”. If this militant New Anti-Capitalist Youth Party is in the streets today, it is because he refuses to do “paying the working cles for the crisis”.

The demonstrators therefore came out on Thursday to express their opposition to the pension reform. But not only. “It is against all this anti-social and anti-democratic policy that we are fighting. Police violence, compulsory universal national service, college selection, liberalization of higher education and research, precariousness, inflation…”list the youth organizations in a joint statement.

The protest “was born of opposition to pension reform but it goes far beyond”, supports Saar, 21, in his second year of English at the Sorbonne-Nouvelle University. If she joined the procession with several of her college friends, it was to denounce “the way Emmanuel Macron leads France”.

“The embers are always hot”

The protesters chose to continue to occupy the land, without waiting for June 6, the date of the 14e day of action recorded by the inter-union. In the procession, everyone wants to believe it: despite the promulgation of the law, the battle is far from over. “All those who continue to fight, with the cerolades, the calls to strike, to the demonstrations, are right to do so. You don’t necessarily have to wait for calls from the inter-union “underlines Gaël Quirante, departmental secretary SUD-Poste 92.

“Time is not on Emmanuel Macron’s side. There is strength to continue the movement. The embers are always hot and at any time they can ignite. The hundred days of appeat wanted by the president will turn into a hundred days of isolation, when he is only at the start of his second term.predicts the trade unionist.

“We need to say that we will be present until we are listened to”, Saar nods. And if the procession of the day was not very provided, the young woman is certain, the movement will resume with a vengeance in early June. “At no time will we abandon the mobilization”promises for his part Gaël Quirante.

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