In Passel, copper thefts are hampering the development of the Pro’Fil company

Seven burglaries in seven years, total damage of nearly €200,000… The fifty employees of the Pro’Fil company, based in the Passel industrial zone, are “fed up”. The last break-in dates back to Monday, March 28. During the night, three hooded men manage to seize a large quantity of copper which they load into a 4 x 4 and a dump truck. Estimated damage: more than €40,000. The latest burglary in an already long list. With, almost every time, in the sights of thieves, copper.

“A metal that has a certain market value, very easy to resell, especially to scrap yards,” explains Jean-Baptiste Bréhon, from the company’s marketing and research and development department. Of course, faced with these repeated “visits”, the company did not remain inactive. It has endeavored to strengthen its security system, even if it means taking on the air of an entrenched camp: entrance protected by a gate, fence all around the site and even “trenches” to prevent any intrusion of vehicles. But nothing helps.

“We are well protected, but these people are professional, well organized. They know what they have to do. “Beyond the financial damage, this series of burglaries is not without consequences on the smooth running of the company, specialized in the installation of prefabricated networks, as well in plumbing as in heating or electricity. “We are in full development, we are recruiting, we are distinguished by constant innovation. But all these burglaries, it puts a brake on our expansion, it slows us down, insists Jean-Baptiste Bréhon. Instead of spending time on research and development, we are busy solving these problems. We would like to move on. »

Above all, these burglaries are a serious blow to the morale of the troops. “There is a weariness that sets in, it breaks the dynamic. A fortiori in this company which is the cantor of “happiness at work”, where the notion of “head” has disappeared and the organization of work completely reviewed. “We had seen the smiles reappear. There, we find employees looking at their pumps…”

A barrier soon to be put in place at the entrance to the area

How to avoid yet another burglary within the company? For Jean-Baptiste Bréhon, it is a question of securing the entire industrial zone, by establishing a security system there, with the installation of a barrier at the entrance to the zone, like this which is done near the Inovia site, in Noyon. “The gendarmes do the job, but they lack the means,” he said. So the leader appeals to elected officials. He sent them a letter to express his “great distress”. The recipients: Xavier Bertrand, president (LR) of the Hauts-de-France region, Patrice Carvalho, deputy-mayor (PCF) of Thourotte, the prefect of Oise, Didier Martin, and Patrick Deguise, mayor (PS) of Noyon. “The barrier will have the merit of cutting off access to vehicles and will obviously complicate any new attempt at theft,” wants to believe the latter.

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