In “Plus belle la vie”, the characters were “companions of our bad days and united in our little lives”

The troupe of the France 3 soap opera

Can nostalgia fall on you when the end, even imminent, is not yet experienced? On the evening of November 18, More beautiful lifethe series of France 3 which makes the story of the present time will only be a thing of the past. And it will have been enough that this judgment is announced to them for the fans to be prey to a slight spleen which advises them that something will be missing in their daily life. So since soon we won’t talk about it anymore, let’s talk about it.

“I am sorry that the énarques suffer from hearing that the end of the series makes me sad. » For eighteen years routine was possible, and Margot “loved solo and in silence”. At 39, this sales manager kept her absolute addiction to More beautiful life (PBLV). “The fatigue of having to justify myself because of the pseudo-shame I must have felt in the face of those who systematically looked down on me. But you know what ? When I hear the quality of the exchanges that take place in the National Assembly, between these people who are supposed to make our society, my shame, it is for them. So now I assume and I tell you: More beautiful life nurtured a little mental space in my everyday life, and I know there’s going to be a void now. » That’s it, it’s said, because More beautiful life it’s really over.

Like Margot, millions of fans feel deprived in advance. No surprise effect, however, since the “terrible news” was announced in February, and confirmed in May, but a sudden realization of what it meant to them and cries from the heart received in response to the call for evidence from World.

“I really have the impression that there is a Mistral district”

At 43, Celine is “sad that these characters won’t exist anymore and won’t grow old with us”. “It reassured me somewhereshe says, to know that I could be sure of their presence almost every day. » This communication consultant thus loses her group of cathodic friends that she found for lunch. At 28, Aurélien is still ” shocked “. “I don’t realize yet” that this series “which touched the hearts of the French” will stop. And that we don’t talk to him about “supposedly ‘poor acting'”. Because this English teacher, who teaches in Essonne and who has been following the series since 2004, did not have the feeling of seeing actors: “I really have the impression that there is a Mistral district in Marseille, a Thomas Marci, a Luna Torres…”

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