In Quimper, a gold medal for a…soft butter!

In Quimper, a gold medal for a…soft butter!

Stupor and tremors among the Bretons! The sensational news fell on March 8, in the middle of International Women’s Rights Day, in all discretion… And for good reason, the sacrilege is enormous: a sweet butter “made in Breizh”, and more particularly in Quimper (Finistère) , won a gold medal at the 2023 edition of the Agricultural Show. The reactions of Bretons, in the region or “exiled” elsewhere in France, are obviously numerous.

“In Brittany, unsalted butter is only for salt-free diets, isn’t it? It is therefore a drug that should be reimbursed by Social Security, ”laughs a Lorient woman. “It’s just for lubricating bicycle chains, isn’t it? “Adds a resident of the Crozon peninsula (Finistère). “Vade retro! It’s disgusting, soft butter, you might as well buy margarine – or not for that matter! “Launches a Brestois laughing.

This famous sweet butter is called “Nature de Breton”, has been produced in Quimper since the fall of 2021 by the Candia factory and its 130 employees (a subsidiary of Sodiaal). The latter is one of its two butter factories in France (along with that of Clermont-Ferrand), working with cream made from Breton milk.

99% recyclable packaging

The innovation of this unsalted butter that seduced the jury of the Show lies in its paper packaging. Usually, the butter is contained in a package made of aluminum and plastic or aluminum and paper. This new butter packaging is “96% made of paper” and 4% of a thin layer of metallization (to allow conservation) and inks (for the decoration of the packaging). It is therefore 99% recyclable, and should be placed in the yellow bins!

As a reminder, Sodiaal is today the leading French dairy cooperative and the third in Europe. It has more than 17,600 producer members on more than 10,000 farms spread over 73 departments. It is present in all dairy businesses: cheeses (Entremont, Monts & Terroirs, Fromageries Occitanes), drinking milk, cream and butter (Candia), specialized nutrition (Nutribio) and dairy ingredients (Eurosérum , Bonilait), ultra-fresh and frozen foods (Yoplait and Boncolac).

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