In Saint-Brieuc, the “gigolo” of the cruise declared guilty of having abused the weakness of an old lady

The Saint-Brieuc Criminal Court did not believe the story of the “very strong love relationship” what Daniel Naro told him, about his affair with Françoise L., a widow twenty-six years his senior, met during a cruise. He considered that the defendant had indeed abused the weakness of the old lady, by stripping her of all her ets and sentenced him, Thursday, May 25, to three years’ imprisonment, two of which were suspended on probation to reimburse the sums. perceived.

When their 83-year-old mother died in December 2021, her two children had discovered that this retired tradeswoman had sold all of her real estate, including a family home with a sea view, and paid off her health insurance. life. The amount of the transactions – more than 463,000 euros – had disappeared from his bank accounts, which were almost dry. The main beneficiary of her prodigality was Daniel Naro, whom she had met three years earlier, in November 2018, during a cruise offered by a casino where she was used to.

The 50-year-old, from Antibes, approached her near the slot machines, where, in his own words, they had “a first approach”. “We kissed”, he said. Shortly after, he came to visit her in her seaside house in Brittany and left this weekend with a first transfer of 25,000 euros. They had only seen each other three or four times afterwards, Daniel Naro regularly promising to visit her before canceling – “I didn’t want her to catch the Covid! », he justified himself. But he called the old lady several times a day, received regular transfers from her, valued at 227,250 euros – part of which allowed the purchase of two Rolexes – and obtained access to her bank accounts, on the pretext to help him because “She didn’t know anything about the Internet.”

Françoise L. was then angry with her family, hurt at not having been invited to the baptism of a great-grandchild, in Ireland, and for a time isolated from her friends due to confinement. While the octogenarian lived waiting for his calls, carefully recording each of them in his notebook, Daniel Naro signed up for other cruises, met other bored single old ladies, casino, offered the services of prostitutes and declared his speeding on the roads of the Côte d’Azur in the name of Françoise L.

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