In Spain, public health at bay

In Spain, 74% of health insurance holders cite the speed of care as the main reason for their purchase. Jean-Luc Flémal/BELPRESS/MAXPPP

Since the Covid, patients are turning more to private centers.

To Madrid

“Your doctor available all the time”, Direct access to specialists without waiting list», «Same day appointment»… Here are some of the slogans of the three main insurance companies that share the Spanish market for private health services. Their contracts in principle allow patients to obtain an appointment much more quickly than in health centers and public hospitalssaturated by the Covid and its subsequent effects.

Spaniards have had the opportunity to read and hear these messages since the pandemic hit the country hard. In 2020, the number of adver broadcast by these insurance companies increased fivefold, according to the Spanish ociation of Advertisers. The spots hit the mark: while the sector saw the number of its insured grow by 3.1% in 2019, this rate has exceeded 4% since 2020, according to the employers’ organization Unespa. Just over 25% of Spaniards now pay several tens of euros each month for…

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