In Spain, socialist Pedro Sánchez will form the government

In Spain, Socialist leader Pedro Sánchez received the support of the majority of members of parliament to form a new government.

179 deputies voted for Sanchez’s candidacy, including representatives of Catalan separatists. Representatives of conservatives and far-right deputies – a total of 171 people – voted against.

Sanchez’s victory in the parliament should put an end to the four-month political crisis, writes El Pais. In May, the leader of the Socialists called an emergency election after his party lost the national and regional elections.

To get the majority of votes in the parliament, Sanchez had to get the support of the separatist parties. The media note that the negotiations with the party of the former head of Catalonia, Carles Puigdemont, were the most difficult. He demanded amnesty for persons involved in the demand for the declaration of independence of Catalonia in 2017.

Earlier, socialists presented a bill on amnesty for these people. Actions by opponents of amnesty were held in Spain.

  • In June 2017, the Catalan government headed by Puigdemont called a referendum on independence. It took place on October 1, 90% of those who voted were in favor of the independence of Catalonia.
  • The Spanish government did not recognize the referendum and its results. Puigdemont signed the declaration of independence, but suspended its action for negotiations with Madrid. On October 21, the head of the Spanish government, Mariano Rajoy, suspended the autonomy of Catalonia.
  • Puigdemont did not recognize the legality of Rajoy’s decision and left for Belgium. To date, he has managed to avoid extradition to Spain. Many of his allies in the movement for the independence of Catalonia are in prison.

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